Together with my colleague Sarah Fisher (Emory and Henry College), I have completed a number of research projects about foreign policy attitudes in India. Specifically, we conducted surveys about the conflicts between India and China over (1) Arunachal Pradesh / South Tibet and (2) Aksai Chin.


In June / July 2016, Sarah and I went to India (New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune) to discuss our research project with various survey firms and members of civil society organizations. The data collection occurred in two stages.

  1. Phase 1 (completed summer 2016) was a pilot study using amazon mturk. The data from this pilot study are used in an article in International Interactions (article / online appendix).
  2. Phase 2 was a representative survey deployed in New Delhi. Data collection was completed in February 2017. These data are used in a number of published articles and working papers (see Research).

For any questions regarding this research project, please contact me at fjustwan [at]


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